ASCAP’s Annual Meeting is touching down in The Big Apple with our AI Symposium

ASCAP’s Nick Lehman, EVP Chief Strategy & Digital Officer kicks off ASCAP AI Symposium.

In a momentous event, ASCAP‘s Nick Lehman, EVP Chief Strategy & Digital Officer, set the stage for the groundbreaking ASCAP AI Symposium. With a keen focus on the intersection of music and technology, the symposium aimed to explore the transformative potential of AI in the music industry.

As a leading figure in ASCAP’s strategic and digital endeavors, Nick Lehman’s opening remarks resonated with attendees, sparking curiosity and excitement for the day ahead. With his deep understanding of the industry’s evolving landscape and the power of AI, Lehman provided valuable insights into the future of music creation, distribution, and consumption.

The ASCAP AI Symposium gathered some of the brightest minds in music, technology, and artificial intelligence. Together, they embarked on a journey to unlock the limitless possibilities that AI offers in enhancing the creative process, understanding audience preferences, and ensuring fair compensation for creators. With Nick Lehman’s guidance, the symposium became a melting pot of ideas, igniting a passion for innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of a harmonious future for music and AI.

ASCAP’s NickL, EVP Chief Strategy & Digital Officer kicks off ASCAP AI Symposium

As an ASCAP member, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for the creative arts, I had the honor of attending the 2023 ASCAP Annual Meeting & AI Symposium an event that left me inspired, informed, and filled with hope for the future of the music industry. The symposium brought together brilliant minds, visionaries, and artists to explore the intersection of technology and creativity. In this article, I share my thoughts and reflections on this transformative event that highlighted the immense potential of AI and its impact on the world of music.

The Power of AI in Music:

The symposium showcased groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence and their application in the music industry. From AI-generated music compositions to innovative ways of curating personalized playlists, it became evident that AI is more than just a tool—it is a catalyst for creative exploration and audience engagement. As I listened to experts present their research and insights, I was struck by the vast possibilities AI offers to enhance and revolutionize the music-making process.

Empowering Musicians with New Tools:

One of the most exciting aspects of the symposium was the emphasis on empowering musicians with AI-driven tools. AI-powered platforms are providing artists with valuable data insights, enabling them to better understand their audience and tailor their music accordingly. These tools foster collaboration and experimentation, allowing musicians to break free from traditional constraints and explore new dimensions of their artistry.

Furthermore, AI’s role in music discovery cannot be understated. With an ever-growing catalog of music available, AI algorithms are becoming indispensable in helping audiences discover niche genres and emerging artists. As a label founder and a passionate advocate for showcasing African talent, I was particularly excited about the potential of AI in elevating diverse voices and promoting cultural exchange through music.

The Balance between Human Creativity and AI:

As we delve deeper into the realm of AI, it is crucial to strike a balance between human creativity and the capabilities of artificial intelligence. While AI offers efficiency and optimization, it is the essence of human emotion and storytelling that makes music truly resonate with audiences. As I shared my thoughts during the symposium, I emphasized the need to embrace AI as a powerful tool while keeping the human touch at the heart of music creation.

Preserving Cultural Heritage:

The symposium also highlighted the significance of AI in preserving cultural heritage through music. By using AI to digitize and analyze traditional music from different regions, we can safeguard and revitalize diverse musical traditions for future generations. This aligns perfectly with my vision for Sounds Of Africa Records (SOAREC), which aims to showcase the rich tapestry of African music and celebrate the continent’s cultural heritage.

Ethical Considerations:

While AI opens new frontiers in music, it is essential to address ethical considerations that arise with its implementation. Data privacy, consent, and ensuring fair compensation for artists are critical issues that must be addressed as we navigate the AI landscape. In my endeavors, I remain committed to advocating for fair treatment and ethical practices that benefit both artists and audiences.

The 2023 ASCAP Annual Meeting & AI Symposium has been a transformative experience for me as an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for the creative arts. The event reaffirmed my belief in the immense potential of AI to empower musicians, amplify diverse voices, and foster cross-cultural appreciation through music. As we embrace AI as a powerful tool, let us never forget that the heart and soul of music lie in the creativity, emotions, and stories that only humans can bring to life. By embracing this harmonious blend of technology and creativity, we can shape a future where music transcends boundaries, unites cultures, and touches the hearts of people across the globe.

Here’s how we Incorporate the ASCAP AI Principles into our culture at Sounds Of Africa Records (SOAREC):

01- Human Creators First:
We firmly believe in putting human creators first in our initiatives. Our platform, Sounds Of Africa Records (SOAREC), is designed to showcase the rich tapestry of African music and celebrate the continent’s cultural heritage. By providing a platform for African artists to share their unique voices and connect with audiences worldwide, we honor the creators’ talents and contributions to the music industry.

02- Transparency:
Transparency is a guiding principle in our approach to business and marketing. Whether working with clients through our consultancy firm or collaborating with artists at SOAREC, we emphasize open and honest communication. By maintaining transparency, we foster trust and mutual understanding, allowing all stakeholders to make informed decisions and collaborate effectively.

03- Consent:
Respecting the rights and choices of individuals is essential to our work. In our marketing strategies, we ensure that data privacy and consent are given top priority. By seeking explicit consent from consumers when collecting data and using it to personalize marketing campaigns, we demonstrate a commitment to ethical marketing practices that respect individuals’ privacy and preferences.

04- Compensation / FreeMarket:
We are advocates for fair compensation for creators and talent in the entertainment industry. When working with artists at SOAREC, we ensure that they are properly compensated for their work and contributions. We also recognize the importance of a free market, where artists can freely collaborate, negotiate deals, and pursue their creative visions without undue interference.

05- Credit:
Recognizing and giving credit to creators is a core value in our approach. At SOAREC, we highlight the diverse musical genres and traditions found across the African continent, ensuring that artists receive the credit they deserve for their unique contributions. In our marketing campaigns and branding activations, we emphasize the importance of acknowledging the creative minds behind the work.

06- Global Consistency:
Global consistency is crucial to our work in both marketing and music. As we help businesses connect with audiences worldwide, we take into account cultural sensitivities and ensure that marketing messages resonate with diverse audiences. In the context of SOAREC, we aim to create a platform that transcends geographical boundaries, allowing African music to reach audiences globally and fostering cross-cultural appreciation.

ASCAP’s Annual Meeting is touching down in The Big Apple with our AI Symposium
ASCAP’s NickL, EVP Chief Strategy & Digital Officer kicks off ASCAP AI Symposium

The 2023 ASCAP Annual Meeting & AI Symposium was a remarkable gathering that united an array of distinguished leaders from the music and technology industries. Among the esteemed attendees were Beth Matthews, ASCAP CEO; Paul Williams, ASCAP President & Chairman; Katherine B. Forrest, Partner at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP; John Riley, Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Copyright Office; Dan Schnapp, Partner at Sheppard Mullin; and our esteemed moderators Emily White, Entrepreneur & Author | Collective Entertainment; and Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group.

In the company of such exceptional minds, the symposium delved into the intertwining realms of human creativity and AI innovation. Sharing insights and ideas with luminaries like Emily White, entrepreneur, and author; Maya Ackerman, CEO/Co-founder of WaveAI; Derrick Skye, composer/performer; Douglas Geers, educator, composer, and electronic instrument creator; and Terri Patterson, curator/host/RE Associate Broker, further ignited my passion for empowering artists through Sounds Of Africa Records (SOAREC) and embracing technology for digital transformation in marketing.

Emily White Entrepreneur Author Collective Entertainment

This incredible gathering has reaffirmed my dedication to sustainability and ethical AI practices as we collaboratively shape a future where music transcends boundaries and touches hearts worldwide. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to ASCAP and the organizers for the opportunity to meet with such inspiring leaders, and I depart the event with a renewed commitment to drive positive change and innovation in the music industry. Together, we will continue to build bridges between artistry and technology, empowering artists and creating a harmonious symphony of human creativity and AI possibilities.

By incorporating the ASCAP AI Principles into our work, we demonstrate a commitment to ethical and human-centric practices. Our dedication to human creators, transparency, consent, fair compensation, credit acknowledgment, and global consistency aligns with our philosophy of building authentic connections and making a positive impact in the world of marketing and music.

Selfie with Nicholas Lehman, Emily White, Douglas Geers, Derrick Skye, Beth Matthews