Ramy Ayoub: Championing Responsible Tourism and Cultivating Top Talent in Egypt

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Ramy Ayoub at Red Sea Academy

Ramy Ayoub is a prominent figure in Egypt’s tourism and entertainment industry, known for his contributions to the industry’s growth and success. He is the founder of the Red Sea Academy, which was established in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education and training programs to young people interested in pursuing careers in the industry.
Under Ayoub’s leadership, the Red Sea Academy quickly gained a reputation as a top institution in Egypt’s tourism and entertainment industry. Its graduates were in high demand across the Middle East, helping to address the talent drain that was a significant issue facing the industry. One of the academy’s most significant achievements was winning the award for Best Vocational Training Institute at the Travel Awards, which cemented its position as a leader in the field and brought international attention to Ayoub‘s efforts to revitalize Egypt’s tourism industry.
In addition to this recognition, Ayoub‘s exceptional performance was also recognized by THOMAS COOK, who awarded his team the title of the best Entertainment Team at Iberotel Egypt for JAZ Hotels Group in 2008/2009. The academy was also appointed as the Official Art Director for all UNWTO, the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Red Sea Government Events & Festivals from 2009 to 2013. This appointment was a testament to the academy‘s expertise and the high level of trust that the industry had in its capabilities.
The Red Sea Academy‘s success did not go unnoticed by government officials, with Maged Elkady, the chairman of The Tourist Complex Corporation in the Red Sea, paying tribute to Ayoub‘s efforts. Elkady recognized the academy‘s contributions to the entertainment, kids, and wellness activities, as well as its educational programs. Ayoub‘s dedication to promoting responsible tourism was reflected in the academy‘s programs, which had expanded to include courses in environmental sustainability and cultural heritage. He recognized the importance of preserving Egypt’s cultural heritage while promoting tourism in a way that would benefit the local communities.
Despite the challenges posed by political instability in Egypt in 2011, Ramy Ayoub remained committed to his vision of creating a vibrant tourism and entertainment industry in the country. He continued to work tirelessly to promote the academy and its graduates, who were making a significant impact in the industry. The Red Sea Academy‘s success had a ripple effect on the tourism industry in Egypt. It provided a model for other institutions to follow and inspired young people to pursue careers in the field.
Ramy Ayoub‘s legacy in the industry continues to shape its future. His dedication to promoting responsible tourism and providing quality education and training programs has helped to create top talent in the industry, inspire young people, and promote sustainable tourism practices. Additionally, the academy hosted the official opening party of Port Ghalib in 2009, which included the BeyonceTOUR I AM” on November 5th, 2009 Concert, and more than 22 New Year events in 2010 from Soma Bay to Marsa Allam. The Comedy Club Russia 2009 & 2011 was also organized by the academy.
In conclusion, Ramy Ayoub‘s contributions to Egypt’s tourism and entertainment industry have been significant. From founding the Red Sea Academy in 2007 to winning awards and being recognized by government officials, Ayoub‘s dedication to revitalizing the industry has paid off. His efforts have helped to create top talent, inspire young people, and promote responsible tourism. The Red Sea Academy‘s success has had a lasting impact on the industry, and Ayoub’s legacy will continue to shape its future.

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