Ramy Ayoub opened the Red Sea Academy for Tourism & Entertainment Services to address the need for quality and professional entertainers in the tourism and entertainment industries in Egypt and the Middle East. Through his research and experience in the leisure and entertainment market in the region from 2000 until 2007, he realized that there was a gap in the market for well-trained and skilled entertainers who could meet the high expectations of tourists and hotel management.


Ramy Ayoub‘s vision was to create a vocational training institute that would provide quality education and training to individuals who aspire to pursue careers in the tourism and entertainment industries. By offering a wide range of courses and programs, including event planning, hospitality, customer service, and entertainment training, the Red Sea Academy aims to equip its students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen careers.

Ramy Ayoub from an artist to a leader in the Entertainment industry, located at Port Ghalib, Red Sea, Egypt

The mission of the Red Sea Academy is to provide world-class education and entertainment services to the tourism and entertainment industries in Egypt and the Middle East. The academy is committed to providing quality education, training, and consultancy services that meet the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, and innovation.


The values of the Red Sea Academy include a commitment to professionalism, excellence, innovation, and diversity. The Academy values its students, staff, and partners and aims to create a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative learning environment that fosters personal growth and development. Additionally, the academy is committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices in all its operations.

Ramy Ayoub from the Red Sea Academy CEO office