Egypt’s Tourism & Entertainment industry leaders and The academy’s founder, Ramy Ayoub, have been at the forefront of efforts to revitalize the industry and attract tourists back to Egypt.

After the political unrest and instability in the country, Egypt’s tourism industry suffered a significant decline. However, with the support of the government and private sector, the industry has been slowly recovering. One of the key factors in this recovery has been the investment in education and training programs, such as those offered by the Red Sea Academy.

The academy’s graduates have been making a significant impact in the industry, with many finding employment in hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related businesses.

Ramy Ayoub and The academy’s focus on practical, hands-on training has been particularly valuable, as it has provided graduates with the skills and experience needed to succeed in the industry.

Ramy Ayoub has been a vocal advocate for the importance of education and training in the tourism industry, noting that it is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the sector. He has also emphasized the need for continued investment in the industry and support for small and medium-sized businesses.

Overall, the success of the Red Sea Academy and its graduates is a testament to the resilience and potential of Egypt’s tourism industry. With continued investment and support, the industry has the potential to once again become a major contributor to the country’s economy and a source of pride for its people.