Ramy Ayoub, a visionary entrepreneur, saw the need for quality education and training in the tourism and entertainment industries in Egypt and the Middle East. His extensive experience in the leisure and entertainment market led him to open the Red Sea Academy for Tourism & Entertainment Services in 2009.


Ramy Ayoub‘s vision was to create a vocational training institute that would provide quality education and training to individuals who aspire to pursue careers in the tourism and entertainment industries. The academy offered a wide range of courses and programs, including event planning, hospitality, customer service, and entertainment training.


The Red Sea Academy‘s commitment to professionalism, excellence, innovation, and diversity made it a game-changer in the industry. Ayoub’s focus on creating a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative learning environment that fostered personal growth and development set the academy apart from its competitors.


Through his pioneering efforts, Ramy Ayoub revolutionized the tourism and entertainment industries in Egypt and the Middle East. The academy’s graduates are well-trained and skilled, meeting the high expectations of tourists and hotel management. Ayoub’s legacy as a pioneer of professionalism in the industry will continue to inspire future generations.

Ramy Ayoub: The Pioneer of Professionalism in the Tourism and Entertainment Industries