Ramy Ayoub‘s Red Sea Academy was a leading institution in the tourism and entertainment industry. Under his leadership, the academy developed innovative programs that combined education and entertainment, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry. In 2015, Ayoub handed over the reins to Zybina, as he embarked on a journey across North, East, and South Africa.

The tourism and entertainment industry is undergoing significant changes, and Ayoub believed that it was crucial to stay ahead of the curve. During his time in Africa, Ayoub focused on supporting children from poor countries in the region, using his expertise to create educational and entertainment programs that would help them develop important skills. While in Africa, Ayoub also planned to continue his education by studying remotely. His commitment to both education and service demonstrates his passion for creating a better world through tourism and entertainment.

A Leader in Tourism and Entertainment

Ramy Ayoub is an Egyptian marketing professional, entrepreneur, and digital transformation expert born on December 8th, 1987, in Alexandria, Egypt.His parents noticed his passion for art, music, and technology from a young age, and Ramy’s interest in these areas grew as he got older. At the age of three, Ramy showed an interest in technology, and by the time he was ten years old, he was known in his school and among his family and friends as the most tech-savvy person around.

Ramy built his first workstation in his family’s garage when he was 13, which he turned into one of the few cyber cafes in Alexandria, called Dragon Cyberspace. In 2003, at the age of 16, Ramy moved from Alexandria to the Red Sea to pursue his career in the music and entertainment industry. He started working with Hilton Hurghada Plaza and quickly established himself as a talented and ambitious individual with a unique mix of skills in marketing, technology, and entertainment.

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In 2007, Ramy founded the Red Sea Academy for Tourism & Entertainment Services, which quickly became a trusted provider of entertainment services for over 20 upscale hotel groups in the EMEA region. He has a proven track record of generating remarkable results and has helped many organizations achieve their business goals through effective marketing strategies. Ramy has consistently demonstrated his marketing prowess, managing operations and serving as a marketing consultant for leading branding activation campaigns globally for art & cultural festivals, hotels, and regional companies.


Throughout his career, Ramy Ayoub has played a key role in driving digital transformation across various sectors. He is passionate about helping businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and has a rare mix of strategic marketing acumen with excellent leadership, change management, and business process abilities. Ramy has also demonstrated a track record of developing creative marketing strategies and solutions that enable multiple successes through multi-channel sales-driven and customer-centric activities. He has overseen a number of initiatives, managing the development and implementation of strategic marketing positioning in the execution of all messaging, positioning, and marketing strategies.

Ramy’s innovative approach toward new possibilities for collaboration, sponsorship, and market diversification has been a hallmark of his work, earning him a reputation as a thought leader in the field of marketing. He has maximized profitability through sponsorships, loyalty programs, and partnerships with local and international entities. His ability to generate creative marketing strategies and solutions have enabled multiple successes through multi-channel sales-driven and customer-centric activities.


Ramy’s achievements in the industry and his dedication to education and training in tourism and hospitality are noteworthy, and it is impressive that he has been able to accomplish so much at a relatively young age.


In addition to his work in marketing and digital transformation, Ramy Ayoub has also been involved in initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing food waste. He is currently collaborating with several organizations to develop strategies that leverage digital technologies to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices. Ramy believes that digital transformation can play a critical role in creating a more sustainable future and is committed to using his expertise to drive positive change in this area.


Overall, Ramy Ayoub is a driven and accomplished individual with a passion for technology, creativity, and innovation. His contributions to the marketing industry and his commitment to education and training in the tourism and hospitality sectors are commendable, and it will be interesting to see what he accomplishes in the future.

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