Ramy Ayoub, the founder of Red Sea Academy, one of Egypt’s leading vocational training institutes for the tourism and entertainment industry, has urged the Egyptian government to take measures to prevent the country’s talented workforce from leaving the country.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Ayoub expressed concern over the increasing number of young professionals leaving Egypt in search of better opportunities abroad. He noted that many of these professionals are trained in the tourism and hospitality industry, which is a vital sector for the country’s economy.

Ayoub pointed out that Egypt has a wealth of talent in this field, with many graduates of Red Sea Academy and other vocational training institutes securing jobs in top hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues across the Middle East. However, he also noted that the country’s economic instability, political uncertainty, and security concerns have led many of these talented individuals to seek employment opportunities outside Egypt.

To address this issue, Ramy Ayoub called on the government to implement policies that will encourage talented professionals to stay in the country and contribute to its economic growth. He suggested that the government could provide incentives for businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry to hire and retain skilled workers, such as tax breaks or subsidies for training programs.
Ayoub also emphasized the need for the government to prioritize the development of the tourism industry, which has the potential to create jobs and boost the country’s economy. He suggested that the government could invest in infrastructure, marketing, and promotion to attract more tourists to Egypt and create more opportunities for skilled workers.
Overall, Ayoub‘s message is clear: Egypt’s tourism and hospitality industry is a valuable asset to the country’s economy, and it is important to ensure that the talented professionals in this sector remain in the country to contribute to its growth and development. By implementing policies that support the retention of skilled workers and investing in the development of the tourism industry, Egypt can position itself as a leader in this field and create a brighter future for its citizens.