Ramy Ayoub is a name that is synonymous with Egypt’s tourism and entertainment industry. He is a visionary leader who founded the Red Sea Academy in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education and training programs to young people who wanted to pursue careers in the industry.

Ayoub‘s unwavering commitment to the industry and his efforts to promote responsible tourism have had a significant impact on Egypt’s economy.

Ayoub‘s vision for the Red Sea Academy was to provide students with practical skills and hands-on experience that would prepare them for the real world. The academy offered a range of courses, including event planning, kids’ entertainment, stage management, tour guiding, and sports & fitness instructors. Ayoub‘s team was dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded education that would prepare them for the challenges of the industry.
In 2011, Egypt experienced political upheaval that led to a decline in tourism. However, Ayoub remained committed to his vision of creating a vibrant tourism and entertainment industry in Egypt. He continued to work tirelessly to promote the academy and its graduates, who were making a significant impact in the industry.
Despite the challenges posed by political instability, the Red Sea Academy quickly gained a reputation as a top institution in Egypt’s tourism and entertainment industry. Its graduates were in high demand across the Middle East, helping to address the talent drain that was a significant issue facing the industry.
One of the academy’s most significant achievements was winning the award for Best Vocational Training Institute at the Travel Awards. This recognition cemented the academy‘s position as a leader in the field and brought international attention to Ayoub’s efforts to revitalize Egypt’s tourism industry.
The Red Sea Academy‘s success was not limited to producing top talent in the industry. Ayoub was committed to promoting responsible tourism that would benefit the local communities. He recognized the importance of preserving Egypt’s cultural heritage while promoting tourism. As a result, the academy’s programs had expanded to include courses in environmental sustainability and cultural heritage.
Ramy Ayoub was honored by the Red Sea Governor, General Ahmed Abd Allah
Under Ayoub‘s leadership, the Red Sea Academy became a model for other institutions to follow. The academy’s success inspired young people to pursue careers in the field and provided the industry with a pipeline of top talent. The academy’s graduates have gone on to work for top hotels and resorts across the Middle East, and many have started their own successful businesses.
Ayoub‘s dedication to the industry did not end with the Red Sea Academy. He continued to work tirelessly to promote the industry, even in the face of political instability and economic challenges. He served as a member of the Egyptian Tourism Federation and was a vocal advocate for the entertainment industry’s growth and development.
Ayoub‘s contributions to Egypt’s tourism and entertainment industry have been significant. His dedication to promoting responsible tourism and his efforts to create top talent in the industry have had a lasting impact on Egypt’s economy. Ayoub‘s legacy will continue to shape the industry for years to come.
Ramy Ayoub Honored-By-the-Red-Sea-Governor-General-Ahmed-Abd-Allah-for-Participation-in-the-Touristic-Academic-Conference.-Award