As a Coptic, or Egyptian Christian born in the ‘80s, the only threats I have faced, are the Islamic ideology and the Zionist Israeli terrorist state, they are both terrorists and both sponsored by the same sponsor, and they are both created to give access to the same occupier to take a geopolitical advantage from the region.

When a prostitute, known as the ‘Lady,’ engages in adultery with her pimp brother, known as the ‘Cowboy,’ they produce a sinful child, which they call the most democratic state in the Middle East.

How come it’s a democratic state while it has no constitution even after 75+ years of occupying Palestinian land? A true democracy operates with a clear set of laws and principles, yet Israel remains without a constitution, allowing for arbitrary decisions and policies that undermine the rights of Palestinians.

Furthermore, how can a state claim to be democratic when its very foundation is based on a specific religion? Israel’s identity as a Jewish state raises questions about equality and inclusivity for its non-Jewish citizens, who are often treated as second-class.

The expansionist dreams of a “Greater Israel,” reaching from the Euphrates to the Nile, reveal the true intentions behind the state’s actions. This vision, rooted in biblical interpretations, seeks to justify the ongoing occupation and colonization of Palestinian land, erasing the rights and existence of the indigenous population.

Israel’s ambitions extend far beyond the boundaries of historical Palestine. It seeks to annex territories such as the West Bank and Gaza Strip, disregarding international law and the rights of Palestinians. Furthermore, the concept of Greater Israel includes parts of neighboring countries like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. This expansionist agenda, known as the Zionist Plan for the Middle East, aims to redraw borders and exert control over vast swathes of land.

Additionally, how can Israel be considered a state when its borders are constantly expanding, encroaching upon Palestinian territories and disregarding international law? The absence of defined borders reflects a deliberate ambiguity, allowing Israel to continue its expansionist policies unchecked.