Reaching potential travelers exactly at that point in time when they’re searching online for the best offer. To succeed these days as a travel company on search platforms, you need to be rapidly adapting to changes. Using search technology & software can help you with this. Here, you will find how to automate your search campaigns in Google plus the benefits for your company.

Why Automation Is Necessary For Your Company

Within the travel industry, there are a lot of different factors that can affect whether or not somebody will book a hotel or a holiday with your company. These factors range from the most obvious reasons, such as the weather and facilities, to the more obscure ones, including customer’s budget and availability on the day they want to travel. To make matters more complicated, the intensity of each of these factors are constantly changing, hour-to-hour, day-to-day.

To optimize your paid search campaigns in Google Ads, it is recommended to work with a software automation tool, for example, Achieve. Such a tool can help you to provide more control over your budget and conversion rate, providing a higher return-on-investment and more consistency in your paid-search performance.

4 benefits of automating your search campaigns

Below you find 4 tips how to automate your search campaigns in Google.

1. Large-Scale Advertising

Do you want to create a single campaign for each destination or each hotel? It can be time-consuming to create and manage this within your Google Ads account. With the help of software you can make it happen without any technical knowledge. Such as going from a feed to dynamic advertising or instantly optimizing your feed for ads of all of your travel offers. Is there a new destination or hotel in your offer? You can automatically scale this up with the use of software to manage your search campaigns more efficiently.

2. Dynamic Extensions Tailored to Your Travelers

Automating extensions make it possible to get very relevant ads with higher click-through rates. Think for example of site links in Google Ads where the best-rated hotels are shown when a traveler searches for a destination in a specific region, or specific facilities of the accommodation when a traveler searches for the exact hotel. These extensions can be maintained dynamically and software can help you looking for the best match between ads and extensions.

3. Relevant Ad Copy

When creating ad texts, specific characteristics can be included in texts about the accommodation or destination that you want to advertise. For example, you can think about adding real-time prices, reviews and the number of trips to a destination. If you have this kind of information as a company, you could be able to keep this content dynamically up to date.


Relevant Ad Copy

The software can also give you suggestions for splitting off ad groups. This makes ad texts even more relevant. An ad group for “travel to Turkey” can split up based on user searches for “Holiday Turkey”“travel Turkey”“cheap travel Turkey”, etc. These new ads will be kept up to date by your software.

4. Automated Keyword Management

When creating your campaigns, the right search terms for you will be provided by your software. But you can also automatically exclude search terms that don’t match the targets of your campaigns. With a tailored algorithm you can exclude these keywords, for example, if they don’t receive a minimum amount of clicks or conversions.

So start automating your Google Ads campaigns today. Work with a software automation tool can save you time, make the information you display more relevant for your targeted travelers and ultimately this will lead to an optimization and therefore increase of your return on investment.


Ramy Ayoub